Still hungry for bike action and with another opportunity to go for a ride in a new place, we set out again from Susan’s relatives place in Chandler. Today I planned a much more ambitious route of about 40 miles (to be a new record for us both). This was to ensure that we’d be OK a the MS ride in only one week where we planned to do a 35-40 mile ride.

The ride was largely flat until the very far end where it became quite steep and hilly. We did a few challenging (for us) climbs and turned around to come back the way we came. I felt great as we began to come back, but soon felt my energy crash. The last few miles were very difficult and slow but we made it!

My hope is that this ride and the one yesterday demonstrate that we’ll be fine for the MS ride…

Distance: 41.9 miles
Time: 3:14:20
Avg. Speed: 12.9 mph