A week away from this event the weather looked alright and from what was forecast, it looked like we’d just miss some rain by a couple days. As the days passed, though, this slowly changed until on the night before the ride the forecast was for utter and certain doom. At some point the American Diabetes Association had included on their website a link to tips for riding in the rain. Not good.

Despite all that, things looked good in the morning. It wasn’t as windy as we’d feared and the skies were generally clear. Unfortunately the 4 hours or so it took Susan and I to reach the other end of the out-and-back route was plenty of time for the predicted doom to settle in.

At the top of the observatory climb the sky was dark, the wind intense, and rain was clearly falling very nearby in the direction we were to be heading. A SAG truck was parked at the last checkpoint and the driver, having already loaded up one other rider, asked us if we’d like to call it a day and head back in the truck. Already struggling to keep warm and my rain gear nonexistent, I thought it a good idea. At least we’d made it to the top of the climb.

As it turned out, the decision didn’t matter. Moments after heading out in the truck word came over the radio that the event was being closed due to weather and that all riders must get off the road. The real shame in this was that I wouldn’t be able to relive the awesomeness that was the food at the rest stops on the way back. Nor would I get to hang around with the crazy oatmeal lady…

All in all it was a fun time and I would do it again next year. Though next year hopefully we can do the whole route in about the time it took us to do half of it this time. Either that, or I’m bringing a BOB trailer full of beer to better enjoy taking it easy.