GPS track

I felt like not getting my ass kicked with elevation changes and just going for a long walk in the desert this weekend. Saguaro National Park East has a network of very flat trails so I stitched together a randomly selected loop of about 10 miles.

It was easy desert walking as planned. Very pretty, perfect weather. The Mica View Picnic Area was a great spot for lunch under a shady pavilion.

The ‘Shantz’ trail did not agree with my easy going plans, however. There was a lot of soft sand formed into this weird endless V-shaped wedge. My feet slid into the center with each step and I became tired very fast. It felt like bicycling into the wind. I ended the hike exhausted into a zombie-like state unsure if it was caused by the sand, dietary choices, or a general lack of fitness.

Oh, and I was murdered by a Jackalope (seen here contemplating murder).

Popular spot, nice day, weekend… parking was a little crazy, this is the overflow down Speedway (spot the ‘burb!).