Project ‘leave early’ was a success, I hit the road at 4:55am. I brought the liner of my jacket and some warm gloves almost as joke as forecasted highs were well over 100, lows in the 60’s. Riding East out of San Diego, the city faded away, the elevation got higher, and the temperatures got… lower. 60, 50, 40, high 30’s - oh fuck! It was miserably cold.

I-8 passes very close to the border at one point so I ducked off the highway for a visit. I was expecting to see people bringing crime, bringing drugs, rapists. Weird, must have missed them.

The whole trip was about 860 miles. Overall it was reasonably comfortable, some soreness at the base of my neck (likely caused by my Godzilla-sized modular helmet) was about the only trouble I noticed by the end.