AZNC 8/7/17 - Rever

After a day of complete shit yesterday, today’s forecast was for perhaps worse complete shit. I managed to get my boots pretty dry overnight but did not want a repeat foot drenching so I slept in and went down the road to Texarkana Harley-Davidson to see if I could upgrade anything. To my great fortune, they had these snazzy boot covers in a sufficiently huge size. If I couldn’t figure out what happened with my jacket, at least my feet would stay dry.

It rained and rained and rained. People were driving with their hazards on or waiting on the side of the road. Here and there hail must have been falling because the sensation of rain striking my legs became pretty intense. Whatever happened with my jacket happened again because it didn’t take long to become completely soaked… again. Not my feet this time, though!

Despite that shittiness, I seemed to have good traction and no problem seeing out of my visor, so - onward!