AZNC 8/8/17 - Rever

With the help of my friend Laurence who is something of a weather aficionado, at some point I realized I was basically traveling across the country from West to East in sync with the same gigantic storm. In the Weather Underground screenshot below, my planned path was basically a straight line through the bad stuff. New plan - bail to Memphis, abandon my aim of crossing the South, and have a nice dry time in Tennessee.

Success! Look at that wonderfully not-shitty Memphis sky…

I will not soon forget the joy of removing and packing away the rain gear, throwing on some sunscreen, donning mesh my mesh jacket and pants, and heading out into fantastic weather. This calls for a celebratory Slim Jim.

Unfortunately, the rain seems to have ruined all the switches on the left side of my handlebars. The high beam switch successfully controls the headlights but also activates the right turn signal. The left turn signal turns itself on randomly and can’t be canceled and the right turn signal operates normally except for the fact that pressing it honks the horn… yea.

Not much to do but deal with it and maybe find a dealership near my destination in North Carolina for warranty work.