AZNC 8/9/17 - Rever

Finally covering some decent ground yesterday left me with a short day and some extra time to spend on more scenic routes. Blue Ridge Parkway is pretty famous and along the way - perfecto.

With the exception of getting stuck behind a 125-year-old man in a Subaru going 15mph in a lengthy no passing zone, the day was fantastic. The road did not disappoint.

Eventually I arrived at Graylyn Estate, my final destination for this leg of the trip and wedding venue for this weekend. Some crazy fancy butler-looking guy came out of the front door, “will you be checking in, sir?” Uh, no just popped by for a picture, thanks!

I stayed a couple nights at the Historic Brookstown Inn which was great - barely more expensive than cookie cutter hotels in the area and much cooler. By Friday it was time to move over to Graylyn for real. The wedding party was staying in this sweet huge stone cottage. It would also become the site of our raucous nerdy bachelor party. Good times, good times.

Susan and I ended up in the ‘bungalows’ right across the street for whatever reason. Great accommodations.

With the happy couple after a delicious post-wedding brunch Sunday morning…