AZNC 8/16/17 - Rever
AZNC 8/20/17 - Rever

I stayed a few days in Chicago to visit my parents and go to a post-wedding party for folks who couldn’t make the wedding I’d just been to in North Carolina. As it happens, I went to both. The groom’s family is good friends with Black Hawks announcer Pat Foley which resulted in hilarious remarks at the party (including a mention of the time he came to speak to my 4th grade class many years ago) and this endlessly sweet Pat Foley selfie.

Of course while in town I had to take out my dad’s roving Harley edifice.

Preparing to leave. Interesting to depart my childhood back yard on a motorcycle from across the country. Visiting home is complicated and I was glad to have come but definitely ready to go.

Spotted in Iowa City, had no idea these things were so huge.