Leaving school about noon, the first task for the day was to pick up my new ARB fridge from a house in Cave Creek. This was perfect, as just when I was about to leave I heard from ‘Juan’ BluePeace of an invitation for Guitar Hero and sandwiches. Since I can’t pass up anything that involves Guitar Hero or sandwiches, I went by his house after picking up the fridge. There, of course, I was greeted by his meatball of a dog. We head out for Gillette and since BluePeace had not done so before, made our way to Table Mesa via the pipeline road from New River. We made radio contact with homedad and fredwood, who were on the highway headed for the Table Mesa exit and decided to meet at the white staircase obstacle on the pipeline road.

The campfire gathering at the Gillette ruins was a lively one, with homedad and copilot, BluePeace, Chigoe, Speedy, SealClubber, fredwood, and the birthday girl Jag showing up for the Friday night festivities. No one but me planned on camping and as the fire dwindled so did the crowd. Eventually it was just me and the coyotes (of this I was certain owing to the extremely proximate howling during the night). Here is the gratuitous “hey I parked by the Gillette ruins” shot: