JP from Expeditioneers happen to be in California near the location of the BajaRack facility and was nice enough to have my roof rack installed on his truck in order to bring it back to AZ and save us some shipping! So, in the evening I met him at his home for a quick install. Later that evening it was off to Gillette to enjoy the campfire with some AZFJ folks. We talked about the new rack some and decided that it must be put through the most grueling and shocking performance test imaginable…. would it survive?

Image credit: SealClubber

In fact it did survive! An incredible accomplishment for any structure… Glancing at the clock and expecting something like 11, we were a bit surprised to find that time had slipped away (happens by the campfire) and it was fast approaching 2a.m. I went home to enjoy Hotel Kurt and get a few hours of sleep before the ‘mod party’ scheduled for early the next morning.