Day three of our fishing adventure brought more crappy weather. Fishing in the morning was slow, also, which is odd since the general feeling is that the fishing improves when the weather sucks for whatever reason.

For lunch, Jason the God-chef made teriyaki fish stir fry! Holy crap it was good!!!

Fresh green and red peppers, other vegetables, and stupid-fresh fish…

My dad and Jason converse. Most likely it went something like “holy frick the stir fry, wow!!”

While we were eating, six girls in three canoes went by… talk about a hardcore canoe expedition! They told us they’re out there for a month.

After lunch we head towards a rapids to fish for Greyling, a smaller fish that requires a lot of oxygen apparently. We smashed the boat on some rocks, and jumped across the rocks and down the river to the mouth of the rapids.

Unfortunately we did not get a Greyling, but the rock-hopping and bug-watching was fun.