The day after the Summit was a bit uneventful. We left town late in the morning just looking to make any amount of distance. There was quite a bit of time to get through New Mexico and no set dates along the way, so the rest of the trip promised to be a bit more relaxed than our race to get to the Summit on time.

After an experience like the Summit, finding inspiring scenery for pictures is a bit more difficult… we did pass a cool lake with some sailboats on it, though.

As the others set up camp for the night, Nathan and I played around on some trails in the area. Believe it or not, this was a trail marked with a sign. Apparently not many people come out this way! At one point, an old wire of some kind (telegraph?) was too low and the truck wasn’t going to make it under. A random wire in the middle of nowhere had Nathan and I all spooked (what if had 100-million volts in it and it went to power Dr. Frankenstein’s lab or something?!?!)… Nathan boldly lifted it with a big stick to ensure my safe passage.